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Went to Fix the Toilet and Ended Up Buying a House

Every night for the last week or so Boyfriend and I have driven by an empty plot of land. We take the same route and we have the same conversation, "I can't wait until it's done. I wish we didn't have to wait 6 months. Should we have chosen black instead of musket brown?" Last month, on a whim, we decided to buy a house. Correction, we decided to build a house. We'd been thinking about buying a house because our current living conditions are not fit for man, woman, or beast. We have two giant dogs, two giant people, and five very small rooms. Almost every day, since the day we moved in, we have fantasized about a fenced in backyard and more than one toilet. We didn't really think we were asking for much, but apparently we have champagne taste on a Boones Farm budget and what we really wanted didn't exist...yet. On a Saturday morning a few weeks ago the toilet flusher broke and we were faced with either a.) calling our awful apartment complex management and figuring out a time when they could fix the part, or b.) riding out to Home Depot and fixing the problem ourselves in 10 minutes. We opted for the latter. After we found the part, I thought we were headed home to fix the toilet and move on with our day. Wrong. Apparently I forgot who went with me to Home Depot. Just walking into Home Depot, finding your part, and leaving is not an option when you roll in with the king of we wandered around a bit. We stopped at all the kitchen areas they have on display and talked about how great it would be if we had our own place to pick out furniture, fixtures, and appliances for...then it dawned on us. Let's just do it! We left Home Depot and headed straight to the office of the community we had been eyeballing for a couple of months. Initially we didn't think they allowed fenced in yards, so it was off our radar, but when we stalked out the hood again we were happy to see plenty of white picket fences. Long story short, two days after we spoke with the selling agent, we signed the contract for our new home. We thought this would be the end of our stress, but turns out, now we have a whole new list of stressors. Here is what a first time home builder should know and be prepared for before stepping into a model home. Note: We were not prepared for anything on this list. 1. Deposit - You're going to have to put something down right away if you're building a house. Make sure you have a little something extra in the bank...meaning more than $1000. 2. Signing - You'll feel like your hand is going to break off. Be prepared to sign your life away. 3. Appointments - Make sure you're able to get time off in the middle of the day. Apparently that's the only time they do business too. 4. Selections - You'll think picking out all the colors/options is going to be the most fun ever. Sorry. It's not. "Do you like white, off white, pearl, or roman white for your counter top in the master?" I DONT KNOW! 5. Decisions - Be prepared to ask for concessions, decide on your must-haves, and let go of pipe dreams. Everything costs money, so preparing a list when you walk in is the best way to prevent yourself from saying yes to everything. Here is a photo of our new house set to be finished in 2012. (The color will be Costal Sage...that was an easy decision.)

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