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The Truth About Where to Meet Someone

The question comes up all the time among single folks. WHERE do you meet someone? Everyone meets each other by chance, so why not up your chances of meeting the right person by being at the right place at the right time? If you ask anyone who is currently in a relationship how they met their significant other, they will probably tell you one of three ways. Here is the list of ways with tips on how to snag yourself a date. Meet in a Bar Not everyone who goes to a bar is a dirtbag, so stop saying, "I don't want to meet someone in a bar." The likelihood of this happening is pretty good if you're a social person, so just embrace it and keep your eyes peeled. Go to bars that serve people like you. If you go to the bar with a group of friends, do not scope out another group of friends hoping to find your perfect match. This makes for awkward conversation and weakens your chance to hone in on the one you want. Chances are you're not going to be able to separate your dreamboat from the group, so don't try. Instead, look for friends who went to the bar to have a casual drink. These are the people who usually show up in pairs and are more open to having a conversation versus doing body shots. If you're seriously looking for someone, don't go to the bar with your hotter single friend. You wont like the result. Go with someone who is already in a relationship and has a keen eye for bullshit. Always trust your gut and don't bother talking to someone you know you're not interested in. It's not going to work out no matter how many drinks you have or justifications you come up with. Wait for the one you can't stop talking to. Meet Through Friends Your friends know you better than anyone. Make sure they know you're looking and make sure you ask them to look for you. Even though it might seem obvious, most people aren't thinking about you when they're talking to their other single friends, so tell them exactly what you're looking for. If your friend thinks they have the perfect person for you, don't dismiss them. Give it a shot, because you never know what can happen. Hang out with people who have more friends than you. These people are your connectors, and you should use them as such. Don't blow off party invites and social gatherings. Not only will you miss out on opportunities, but you'll start to become a hermit and no one wants to date a hermit weirdo. Believe me. Try new things with new people and you'll be surprised by what happens. Meet Online I highly recommend this option to anyone who has very distinct personality traits or is looking for someone very specific. If you're a vegan, you're probably not looking for a "steak and potatoes" kind of person, so online dating might be a good option for you because it helps you narrow the field. It's easy for you to see what's out there and decide if anyone is worth your time without ever having to contact the person. Once you've connected with a few people who pique your interest, go out with them and keep an open mind. If the first attempt doesn't work out, try a few different sites and don't take it personally. More and more people are meeting online, so lose the online dating stigma and have fun with it.  Guess what, when you find the right person, you'll be really glad you did it. If nothing else, you'll have THE best stories to tell your friends.

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