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The Spicy Meatball Evolution

Lots of people ask me how The Spicy Meatball got started. Where did the idea come from? Do people even read it? The answer is the idea was a little seedling that was watered over time, and yea, some people read it. For years in my personal life people would say things like, "You're funny, you should have a blog." To which I would reply, "What would I write about? No one cares." It was nice to think that some people thought that what I had to say was worth their time, so I thought about starting a blog off and on for a couple of years. I didn't believe anyone would really care about what I have to say, but I've always kept (and lost) journals throughout the years, so I thought this would be a better creative outlet for me. As luck would have it, I got an opportunity to start the blog that I couldn't pass up: a new job in a creative environment. Professionally, I went from a publishing house where technology was kind of a foreign concept to a marketing agency where technology was the bread and butter. Suddenly, I took an interest in all things digital. iPads, Tablets, Microsites...oh my! I had access to some of the best talent, so the wheels started spinning in my head about how I could take what I learned about this new technology and apply it to the seedling in my brain...the blog. In a short time I went from "What is hosting?" to "How can I write my blog and start a business and make people believe in both?" I still haven't answered that question, but I am happy with the work in progress so far. I bugged the hell out of some of my favorite people, picking their brain for information so that I could try my hand at developing a brand with almost no budget. Thankfully, everyone was more than willing (at least on the surface) to guide me in the right direction and tell me point-blank, "Your background sucks, and you need to streamline your content." The advice and honesty was invaluable, and I once again learned the lesson of "you get out of it what you put into it." Just look at my first attempt at a logo. The site has come a long way. Eight months, 2 URLs, and 64ish posts later, I have succeeded in my desire to build something out of nothing. I have far more readers than I ever expected, who give me lots of feedback about what works and what doesn't. I'm able to communicate with an audience without ever having to meet in person, which is weird, but also very enlightening and cool (for lack of a better term). And I am slowly but surely building an Editing Services business, which has been my dream since my mentor at the Suburban News said, "You have real talent, you should take this as far as you can." It's true that I didn't have a plan for this blog, but with a little talent and a lot of tenacity, I made it work. So for anyone interested in starting their own blog who may not know where to begin, I'm going to write a multi-part series on all the "How To" steps I wish I had known before I started. The first step: Research and Resources. Stay tuned! P.S. Please leave comments and feedback about what you like and don't like. I am constantly looking for ways to improve, so let me know what you think. I also added an awesome sharing bar that you can see below. Please use it. :)

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