The Spicy Meatball

Low Calorie Breakfast Miracle

Every once in a while the planets align and I go to the grocery store by myself. Boyfriend hates going to the grocery store because I talk about all the healthy foods we're going to buy and ask him, "What are you having for lunch this week?" I should know by now, he doesn't think that far ahead, so I always get an "I don't know," which always irks me. He also hates that I call it "the grocery," but I think it's perfectly fine. Getting back to the point. The other night I remembered how much I LOVE going to the grocery without someone staring daggers through me silently begging to leave or to be shot on scene. I had forgotten how much fun it is to wander through the aisles, read all the labels, sample the cheese that's been out all day, and pick up "new things to try." As I roamed Whole Foods, I found one such "new thing to try." Actually it's a pre-packaged version of a cereal I painstakingly put together after I watched Forks Over Knives, so I was thrilled when I found it. I am of course talking about Rip Esselstyn's morning cereal known as Rip's Big Bowl. If you've seen the movie, you've probably done your own version of the grocery scavenger hunt to find all the kooky ingredients needed for this recipe. If not, may I suggest you pick up a box, now stocked at Whole Foods. Warning, if you're backed up, don't eat this cereal. You'll die. I usually balk at the suggested serving size for cereal. I get out my giant soup bowl, fill it to the top, and go back for seconds. Which is what I did for this... In the words of Vivian Ward, "Big mistake. Huge." Half way through the bowl I thought I was going to puke, so I didn't make it to seconds. The ingredients were hearty and filled me up with the quickness. Eating it is a little like getting through your first beer. The first taste is terrible, but if you keep it at you'll finish and feel great. I recommend using vanilla almond milk and a swirl of honey for your first time. No need to go balls out on the first go. Also, the serving size on the box says half a cup. That's plenty. Trust me. Much like everything at Whole Paycheck, this stuff is pricey ($4.99/box). But, it may be worth it to those of you looking for a low-calorie, quick and filling breakfast.

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