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How I Got Two Second Interviews and a Job Offer in One Week

I got a new job. It's a pretty good gig. I'll be doing more marketing and less copywriting, which leaves me plenty of brain space to come up with great posts for The Spicy Meatball. Not only did I get a new job, but I actually got two second interviews and an offer in one week. Way beyond my expectations. Here's how I did it. I have a kick-ass resume It's said over and over that you have to really stand out on your resume before anyone will even look at you, let alone call you for an interview. Lots of us think that having a great resume means that it's organized with no spelling mistakes and that it outlines all of your responsibilities from your previous employers. That's true, if you were looking for a job in 1995, but it's not true now. Now you have to be a shining star on paper, which means you have to put in a lot more effort and you have to dig deep and find out what truly makes you stand out as an employee. Fact, figures, examples, fancy language, and a memorable layout are all part of the stellar resume, so make sure yours has it all. If you need help, please buy a Resume Review, I promise it will be the best $25 you've ever spent. Seriously. I looked everywhere Every morning I was sent an email from that showed me a list of new positions that became available based on keywords that I entered. Every person looking for a job should use this FREE service. Not only did it bring the jobs to me, but it weeded out all the ones I had no interest in. After I skimmed through and applied for positions I knew I wanted, I hit up LinkedIn. If you're a job seeker and you're not on LinkedIn, leave this page (temporarily) and go sign up for a FREE account. First, you need to belong to Career Advice for Gen Y so that you can learn about other people's experience with navigating your career, and then you need to check out the Jobs tab within LinkedIn where you can search for position based on a number of criteria. My best tip is to sort by the most recent positions, so that every day you know what positions you've already looked at and what positions are new. After you click on the position, scroll to the bottom. Sometimes the employer will list the salary for the position which is an excellent way to decide whether or not to apply. Keep an electronic copy of your resume on a jump drive so that you can apply for positions quickly and efficiently.  For more info on how to network and find a job, see this great post. I never gave up My bottom line was that I wanted a new job. My second to bottom line was that I wanted more money, and my third to bottom line was that I wanted a position in marketing. No matter how long it took, those were my criteria for leaving my current position. For each application I filled out, I asked myself if this was a position I truly wanted. I liked where I worked, so my new position had to meet my long-term goals, or I wasn't going anywhere. Getting clear on what I wanted allowed me to only apply for positions I knew would be in my field, pay me more, and make me happier. If it took me 5 years to get a new job, so be it. The point was that I never stopped looking until I found the one that met all my needs and wants. I was confident Once I started my search, I received at least one call a week for an interview. I couldn't believe the response I got based on my resume alone. Most of the positions I applied for were ones where I didn't know anyone at the company, so I was shocked at how much my phone was ringing for me to interview. Of course with each interview came a new set of interview jitters I had to overcome, but once I committed to the notion that these people called me because they want me to be the one to fill the position, I had the confidence to walk in and do my best. I wasn't concerned about whether or not I was answering the questions the "right" way, or trying to win the interviewer over with funny anecdotes, I was concerned about making sure this position was the best fit for me. Meaning, I could see myself in for the next ten years. If it didn't feel right, I didn't go any further than the first interview. As soon as I left an interview feeling like "this is the one" I knew where I fit. At that point, it was up to the interviewer to tell me whether or not I had it. Thankfully they wanted me and here I am. Here's a tip, you know you got the job when you leave feeling like a million bucks.
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  1. classycareergirl

    It is so important to make sure you present your best and that you don’t forget any little detail! One misspelling on your resume and it is in the trash. One unprepared answer at an interview and you may not be offered the job. Congratulations on your new job!

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