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Busted: 3 Myths About Cruising

I recently got back from a 7-day cruise to the western Caribbean. And since I'm not quite finished with my post about the cruise itself, I thought I would give you a teaser. Check out a couple of myths that you need to know before you book your cruise. Myth 1: Drinks and food are cheaper in poorer countries Yes, the drinks and food are stronger and tastier, but don't plan on drinking your brains out for $5 in Mexico. It's not going to happen. I do HIGHLY recommend sampling the local cuisine because you will not find better black beans than those found in Mexico. Myth 2: You can't bring alcohol onto the cruise ship While the official cruise policy allows you to bring one bottle of wine per person, it's actually easy to smuggle alcohol onto the boat once you've stopped at a port of call. The key? A water bottle. Bring a water bottle with you on your trip so that when your ship stops, you can buy a bottle of $10 tequila from a corner store in Mexico, fill up your plastic bottle, toss the glass bottle, and have your 22-year-old sister carry it on the ship. Note: It helps if you have a fearless sister who cannot help but turn on the charm when face-to-face with authority. Myth 3: Tiny rooms It's not a palace, but you'll survive. We fit four adults into a standard interior room. I will say it was shocking to open our door and see two twin beds on the ground and two twin beds hanging from the ceiling, but once we saw that we could all fit with all of our crap it wasn't so bad. Note: Do not invite younger brothers on your trip if you have any issues with personal space or smells. They don't have issues with either, apparently. I hope you enjoyed the teaser, and I promise to get the official cruise post finished soon. I hope it's not a let down since I've built it up so much to lure you in! P.S. Just for kicks, here are my top three TRUTHS about cruises: 1. You will see humans turn into animals at the breakfast buffet 2. You will spend more money on the boat/excursions/trinkets than you thought you would 3. You will gain weight (if you're lucky like me, you'll gain back all the weight you lost before you went) Happy Cruising!

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