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Another Day, Another Blog Idea

For this month's new blog idea, I think I'll turn my blog into what people actually think it's about based on the

I've been going round n' round in my head for months trying to figure out how I want to use this website I've paid money to have for another few years. I could just let it sit with no new content, but that's boring. So every now and again I have new "great idea" for the blog and I test it out to see 1. if anyone still reads my posts, and 2. if I care enough about the topic to write about it regularly. So far, not much has stuck, so I am changing directions yet again to a topic we all have an opinion about (at least us fatties have an opinion about) and that's food.

Here's where the idea started. Boyfriend and I got engaged in Mexico and shit got real. We both have a couple (25 in my case) pounds to lose, and what could be more motivating than your own wedding? On the beach. In paradise. With friends and family. Surely we can't show up looking like whales, so it's back to calorie counting and less eating out. Or something like that. I joined Weight Watchers for the third time last week. The first time I did it (in 2006) I lost 25 pounds and kept it off for 4 years. Awesome. The second time I did it. I joined with a friend and we quit going to meetings after Week 4. Not awesome. This time, I joined Weight Watchers online. Mostly because I don't like going to meetings and listening to fats talk about fat problems. And also because I'll be damned if that Jennifer Hudson doesn't look like a million bucks...still! Last week I made several dishes at home that turned out awesome. All of them are loosely based on WW recipes, but I tweaked them a little based on what I had at home. Of course I didn't take any pictures at the time because I wasn't feeling super pretentious and hadn't planned on touching this blog for a while. Not to worry, I'll take some this week. At the end of the week, I lost 1 pound (WTF?!?!) and Boyfriend (yes, I'm still calling him that) lost 8. Men are SOOOO annoying, aren't they!? Even though I want to give up I guess I'll stick with it until we go to Vegas in early October. Here's what's on this week's menu so far: Chicken Marsala, Coconut Shrimp, Cheesy Spinach Pasta, Pumpkin Fluff...and probably a trip or 3 to DQ. What? You say. I thought you were a vegetarian now? Why are you cooking with meat? I'll admit, I try to be mostly veggie, but it's super hard when you live with a giant carnivore. More to come on that later...

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